Visual Identity


Redefining Quadmark’s position in the market as a positive disruptor and reinvigorating the brand.

Increased revenue by:


Increased revenue by:


A set of stationery with Quadmark branding

The Challenge

Quadmark is a global training and learning consultancy that builds next generation learning experiences for employees, partners and customers of tech businesses. In an increasingly crowded and serious category, Quadmark were blending in with the competition and experiencing low levels of brand awareness, engagement and conversion.


To create a cohesive and future proofed identity, we used the core brand proposition of ‘positive human growth’ to guide us. Our ambition was to create a brand that connected with people on a down to earth and human level whilst also showcasing Quadmark’s values of innovation and learning for good. To achieve this, we created a custom brand typeface that felt friendly and playful yet progressive. We also worked closely with the in-house design team to create a suite of brand shapes, systems and assets that conveyed the creativity and dynamism of the team.

Screenshots of a 'culture' website page design for Quadmark
Large Quadmark posters with colourful graphic shapes and a woman laughing
Example applications of branding on a poster and on a mobile phone screen
A stack of business cards on a red metal table
A GIF of brand guidelines for the client - colours, shapes, typography etc.