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In a world of superficial connections, we believe in the power of authentic sharing.

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Demonstrate Juventus’ dedication to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health whilst raising awareness globally about this critical issue, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Day.

Campaign Strategy


A persistent stigma casts a shadow over the act of sharing one's struggles.


Generation Z shares more online than any other, yet they feel more disconnected.

“Gen Z’s number one self-identified barrier to mental health care is ‘stigma related to personal or community identity’.” Source: Ogilvy

“Gen Z are more likely to report having a mental-health diagnosis but less likely to report seeking treatment compared to other generations.” Source: McKinsey and Company

“58% of students reported being reluctant to share their mental health experiences and struggles.” Source: National Institute of Health


Show that Juventus is addressing mental health by authentically sharing individual experiences, igniting conversations and empowering fans to do the same.

Juventus’ Role:

A global platform to amplify the topic of mental health and highlight the support they already have in place for the players, staff and community.

Launch Video

To kick off the podcast and build awareness around the topic, we created a social-first video campaign. Launched on World Mental Health Day, the video has gathered over 1M views and tens of thousands of positive engagements.


Introducing ‘Stories of Strength: Juventus Unfiltered’. The podcast brings together remarkable individuals, including Juventus players, elite athletes, and cultural icons, to share their never-before-heard stories and mental health journeys. Hosted by therapist Kati Morton and psychologist Laura de Dilectis, this unfiltered podcast highlights that we are stronger together and true vulnerability and open dialogue are not signs of weakness but indicators of courage.

Social Video Launch

To support the overall campaign, we launched a series of short-form video content across all social media platforms. The videos were uploaded on World Mental Health Day, gathering over 9.5m views in total. According to Talk Walker (our tracking software), we are proud to have received no negative sentiment towards the campaign to date.



Client: Juventus
Collaborator: H-Farm

Strategy: ORCA
Campaign Creation: ORCA & Juventus Creator Lab

Podcast Production: Juventus Creator Lab