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Proud To Care

Challenging the public’s perception of what it means to be a carer through a suite of powerful, authentic and diverse videos

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Increased revenue by:


A billboard with a picture of a young woman with the words 'my time to care' over the top

The care industry is currently facing a perfect storm — underfunded, lacking resource and still reeling from the challenges faced during the pandemic. As a result, many people are now avoiding a career in care in favour of more “comfortable” and better paid alternatives. Somerset County Council commissioned ORCA to create a suite of social care recruitment campaign advertisements and videos, with a view to challenge and improve the public’s perception of social care.

The Solution

ORCA created a series of campaign videos aimed at varying demographics which lead with the campaign slogan ‘This is my time to care’ — showing prospective carers that they have what it takes to start a career in care, and don’t necessarily need any prior qualifications or experience. It’s more about the right attitude and mindset. We documented actual carers in their daily roles and routines, to capture those beautiful, natural moments between carer and client. We created a series of powerful, authentic and diverse video campaigns to highlight all of the incredible things about care work and to encourage people to come forward to begin a career in the sector. The videos were accompanied by a series of powerful poster campaigns, featuring actual carers in superhero-esque stances with bold, powerful and vibrant typography overlaid.

A poster on a graffiti covered wall of a man with his arms crossed and the words 'my time to care' overlayed