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Campaigning to shed light on domestic violence in Somerset

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In Somerset (our local community), countless individuals face the harrowing reality of domestic violence, yet many suffer in silence. 

Somerset Council provides a confidential service offering specialised support to those seeking assistance and advice on domestic abuse, but awareness of this service was low.


Raise awareness of the prevalence of domestic abuse and the support you can get with the Somerset Integrated Domestic Abuse Service (SIDAS). Whether you are a survivor or someone concerned for a loved one, the confidential SIDAS helpline is there to help.


Many victims of domestic abuse experience a sense of disbelief that the domestic abuse is happening, often this disbelief comes from them, but it can come from friends and family too. 

The reality is that domestic abuse is common and manifests itself in many ways, in the form of physical or sexual abuse, violent or threatening behaviour, controlling or coercive actions, economic exploitation and psychological or emotional abuse.


Our #YouWillBeBelieved Campaign aimed to break the silence and illuminate the truth about domestic violence.

We embarked on a creative journey to shed light on the many different facets of domestic abuse. Through a series of seven impactful films and accompanying campaign materials, we aimed to educate the public on the wide ranging manifestations of domestic abuse and, importantly, to underscore the unwavering support offered by Somerset Council, all under the hashtag #YouWillBeBelieved.

Our creative process spanned conception, storyboarding, production, editing and the roll out of all the out of home campaign content.