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Royal Pavilion

Brand awareness campaign for Brighton’s most iconic landmark and museum.

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Increased revenue by:


Photo of the Brighton Royal Pavilion on a sunny day
Photos of the interior of the Royal Brighton Pavilion

The Challenge

Despite being such a unique and colourful landmark, the existing marketing activity of The Royal Pavilion wasn’t a true representation of the vibrant and distinctive museum. As a result, the client was keen to showcase some of the real artefacts, colours and textures within the campaign, to give the viewer a glimpse into the experience on offer. After such a challenging year of lockdowns and restrictions due to COVID-19, Digital Visitor wanted to emphasise the excitement that could come with a visit to The Royal Pavilion. They came up with the message ‘From Boredom to Blingdom’ which lead our creative thinking. We also wanted to instil the dreamlike quality that an out-of-the-ordinary experience such as this can provide, hence why we also brought in the primary message ‘Into the dream’.

The Solution

The resulting campaign was a super eclectic and vibrant collage of decor and artefacts from The Royal Pavilion, to install that dreamlike quality. The accompanying typeface and animation style emphasised the regality and elegance of the experience while evoking a sense of fun and escape.

Big yellow billboard with illustrated detail in the centre and text reading "From boredom to blingdom"
Advertisements on the side of a bus stop in yellow and pink with illustrated details
Totebag with eclectic illustrated design on the front