Full brand and digital development for an international lifestyle brand rooted in mountain, ocean, and food culture.

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Increased revenue by:


The Summary

Terasu is a creative lifestyle studio rooted in Mountain, Ocean, and Food culture. Based in SF, LA and Tokyo, Terasu work with a variety of artists, chefs, and makers across many mediums. Their aim is to illuminate new perspectives by bringing into focus a variety of living things. The small, limited runs of products made are a convergence of skills, materials, and ideas.

The Solution

Terasu required a brand which would work well over multiple products and items, and appeal to their followers from all over the globe. They requested a minimal mark with custom accompanying typography, which could represent their areas of interest and their unique approach to making, writing and storytelling. We created a mark inspired by food, mountains and oceans. ORCA were also tasked with creating a full digital brand and e-commerce website to house the various products and articles produced by Terasu. The website needed to present the products in a way which didn’t distract from their natural form. Each item is significant, and very different from one another, so the website needed to be minimal and elegant.