Brand identity development for a UK-based charity empowering migrants through culinary education.

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Chef Momo, with roots spanning Palestine and Syria, is a social media sensation renowned for his tantalising dishes like makluba, zataragus, and baklava. In his bustling Hastings restaurant, he offers his inventive take on the flavours of his upbringing. Momo's specialty lies in his daraa breads, adorned with captivating circular patterns, which also inspire his restaurant's logo.


Guncha approached us with a distinct vision for her business. Inspired by the intricate patterns of the Turkmenistan flag, she desired a logo reflecting its shapes. "Bereket," meaning abundance and prosperity in Turkmenistan, serves as her business name. Complementing her ethos, her slogan is "may your food be blessed." Guncha aims to provide a healthy fast food alternative while introducing the delightful flavours of Turkmenistan to a UK audience.


Mural, hailing from Turkmenistan, marks our third collaboration with a chef from Migrateful. Renowned for her award-winning Manti, savoury dumplings bursting with meat, vegetables, and potatoes, she brings a taste of her homeland to delighted palates. While Mural had an existing logo, we refined her illustration and seamlessly integrated it into menus, business cards, and packaging for the street food truck where she serves her delectable dumplings.

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Zeenat specialises in crafting homemade Nigerian and Ghanaian dishes deeply rooted in her upbringing. Passed down through generations of women in her family, these recipes hold a unique regional authenticity. Inspired by this tradition, we incorporated stacked dishes into her logo design. Additionally, Zeenat prepares sheeto, a fiery chilli jam sauce perfect for both dipping and cooking, adding an extra layer of flavour to her culinary repertoire.