Visual Identity

Warren Partners

Brand evolution & website for a purpose-driven, strategic, communications agency.

Increased revenue by:


Increased revenue by:


A moodboard of brand assets for Warren Partners
A poster on a wall with the words "Experts in leadership, partners in growth" written on it, with Warren Partners Logo

The Challenge

Warren Partners required a partner to overhaul the brand and website, ultimately looking to create a digital experience that reflects the business’ purpose, capability and level of service which sets them apart from their competitors.

Example brand applications - a book and a lanyard tag
Example papers for the brand Warren Partners, including images of women in a work environment
A pink tote bag hanging on a metal fence, with the Warren Partners logo printed onto it

The Solution

ORCA was commissioned to build a new website and brand aesthetic to attract prospective clients, candidates and Warren Partners talent, reflecting who Warren Partners are currently, who they want to be in the future supporting their digital client and candidate experience. By developing a brand identity that champions Warren Partners’ diversity and sustainability expertise, ORCA has articulated the client’s exceptional service levels, capitalising on their Employee Owned status whilst combating the typical ‘recruitment’ identity with a dynamic, relevant and timeless brand identity and digital experience.

A conference room with a wide screen at the front behind the stage. It reads "Shaping Futures 2024 - Warren Partners has partnered with Chapter Zero in recognition of the urgency associated with the transition to a net-zero economy"
A mobile phone with a webpage 'About Us' showing for Warren Partners
A GIF of visual brand guidelines such as colours and typefaces