The value of interesting - A keynote with Pete Bracegirdle

Pete Bracegirdle discussed the transformative impact of creativity and originality on effective communication and brand success. He argued that the key to brands being heard and remembered lies in being interesting—a quality achievable only through imaginative, original, and fresh creative approaches. He emphasised that this type of creativity not only captures attention but also evidently results in greater effectiveness.

He stated that being boldly interesting is actually a safer strategy for clients compared to conventional approaches that risk brands blending in with the crowd. An interesting brand is more likely to be noticed, remembered, differentiated, trusted, preferred, chosen, and advocated for. The stark evidence of this is ultimately how you can sell-in interesting creativity to clients. 

In the realm of creative agencies, he urged a departure from expected and conventional practices, and advocated for a shift towards originality, distinctiveness, and imagination. If everyone follows best practice, everyone ends up looking the same and behaving in the same way. He also proposed a transformation in how brands communicate with their audience. Instead of brands trying to communicate what they think consumers should know, think, or do, they should focus on conveying what is interesting, what is valuable, and what aligns with their audience's concerns. Additionally, he challenged the notion of brands relying on budget for creative amplification, and instead encouraged the assumption of no budget and pushing for creativity that is inherently captivating and self-amplifying.

Finally, he touched upon a shift in how we should treat brand partnerships, emphasising the benefit of adding value to your partner rather than trying to extract it from them. He illustrated this point through the Adidas and All Blacks case study, showcasing how a brand can contribute to its partner's success rather than solely seeking benefits for itself. 

Overall, the talk urged agencies and creatives not to underestimate the power of creativity, originality, and a bold approach in communication because it is without a doubt more interesting, and therefore more effective and successful.

Written by

Emily Barlow