ORCA’s journey to B Corp

ORCA started the process of becoming B Corp certified a couple of months ago and we wanted to share with our peers exactly what the process entails. It’s a long old process which will take a year to complete, but one we’re so proud of and happy we’ve started.

Due to the long process we thought it would be helpful to break down what we’re learning along the way and the steps that we’re taking to get there, in an effort to help others.

What is a Certified B Corporation?

“Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose” - B Corp

In short, they’re a new kind of business, balancing profit with people and the planet. With this model they hope to build an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone.

Why does ORCA want to be certified?

ORCA has always been focused on pursuing a positive and ethical mindset within our business, so we wanted to commit to our standards by starting our journey to becoming B Corp certified.

The emotional intelligence and progressive mindset of the country is developing and so is the demand for it. We've seen the increase in demand for transparency within companies, which has elevated the need for us to express our values, more so now than ever.

This demand has created a shift in the industry, encouraging brands to build internal and external systems that reflect their values, regardless of whether it is a consumer facing brand or not. It’s becoming a lot easier to pin-point positively impacting brands rather than ones solely focused on profit, which benefits everyone from consumer to CEO. We love that there's been a shift within the industry, and for us this allows ORCA to be able to locate companies, brands and organisations that we can trust as well as work and build together.

The steps we’re currently taking

To achieve a certified level of B Corp as a company, ORCA will have to evaluate and develop within five categories including:

1. Governance

2. Workers

3. Community

4. Environment

5. Customers

While we can say that many of these sections have been ticked off, we know it’s a long journey before we get to a position where we’re content with our impact. We’re currently looking to fine tune our efforts with immediate action and aim to continually improve over the years to come.

There’s a lot more on our journey of refinement but we’re excited for what's to come and to know we’re helping to create a new progressive path into a world of better business, happier workforce and a healthier world.

What else we’ll do

At ORCA, we feel it’s important to take it a step further and show our commitment to the cause.

At the beginning of COVID we started to develop a series of self-initiated impact campaigns that bring awareness to societal issues that sometimes go unnoticed. We've addressed topics like the digital divide, hustle culture, mental health and addiction. We designed and developed these campaigns to put an individual visual and fresh perspective on the issue, creating awareness in a market that isn’t normally exposed to these issues.

These campaigns are something that we will be continuing, focusing on pivotal issues we as a society are facing. If you’re interested in seeing our previous campaigns, look at our journal.

A final word about B Corps

There are now 757 B Corps in the United Kingdom. With the demand for ethical companies growing socially and economically, this number will only rise. We hope with our continued efforts we’ll be able to officially be a proud part of the B Corp community very soon.

Written by

George Jones