ORCA in support of BLM

The events over the last week and long before, have saddened and moved us. We cannot stay silent when there is so much more work to be done to support and magnify the black community- because Black Lives Matter.

We recognise our privilege and know we have a responsibility to use our platform, however small it may be.

We’d like to turn the mic over to those that need their voices heard the most. Here, you can find a list of resources that have been collated to educate and encourage meaningful and actionable steps. These resources have been compiled from sources that we have seen being shared, please reach out to us if there are any you think we should add. We believe this is the first step in keeping the conversation going and encouraging authentic change.

The BLM social artwork pack

We have also created a simple social artwork pack- featuring 10 powerful designs, that can be utilised for social media, fundraising, and online petitions. With the aim to help those who may not have access to the software and resources they might need. This pack is completely free of charge and can be easily downloaded via the link below.

For simple bespoke artwork please email and we’ll endeavour to help where we can.

We all have a responsibility to be a part of the bigger movement, however we can. While we know there is more to be done, we hope by offering these services – we can be a small part of it.

Written by

Hannah George