Get Loose on Gin-gle Juice


Create a fun and informal Christmas gift campaign for our clients, which can showcase ORCA’s brand and packaging capabilities. The design must feel un-traditionally Christmassy, avoiding the use of obvious greens and reds, and utilising different materials and printing techniques. Think kitsch, fun, playful and eye catching. The campaign or gift needs a name and a hook.


Get Loose on Gin-gle Juice! A custom, oversized cracker, screen printed on holographic stock, containing a bottle of dry gin, or Gin-gle Juice 😉 (and a party hat of course).

This bottle of Gin-gle Juice is a limited edition collaboration between ORCA and Bristol’s finest micro-distillery, Bristol Dry Gin. Beautifully balanced botanicals including juniper, citrus, and angelica root, give this gin a classic dry profile.

Signed sealed and delivered to our lovely clients in eco friendly, reusable packaging.

Written by

Max Harding