Earth Day at ORCA

Sustainability, climate change and the health of our planet can sometimes be a saddening topic, but over the last year, at ORCA we’ve seen a large shift when it comes to the conversation surrounding our planet. It’s true there's a lot of work to be done, and there are still forces dragging us down, but we have hope for the future. With it being Earth Day 2022, we thought we’d take the time to address some of the positive events that have been occurring around the globe and within our studio.

More so now than ever the creative industry needs to do their part in tackling climate change by not only working on their relationship with the planet but also utilising their skillsets to create practical change. Some of you may have seen our most recent blog surrounding our journey to becoming B-corp certified. This has been a long time coming, and in the previous few months, we've made considerable steps with our personal and business endeavours on protecting the planet. We’ve begun addressing our supply chain and have been taking action on finding the most ethical, diverse and sustainable suppliers to further strengthen our business eco-system.

As members of Ecologi for 15 months now. They support worldwide projects which are proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to undo carbon damage. We’re proud to say we’ve planted just under 1000 trees.

We’re also proudly supporting Clean Creatives. A creative movement that cuts ties with the fossil fuel industry. We have pledged not to work with highly polluting fossil fuel companies. Take a look at their website if you haven’t already and make the pledge!

This year we’re hoping to push further in our environmental efforts both personally and through our work. This includes producing more work campaigning and challenging the industry, and taking part in changing the narrative. Hopefully, helping to pave the way for sustainable change.

Throughout 2021 we saw an amazing amount of innovation from all sides of the planet, from innovative wooden skyscrapers built in the forests of Sweden that capture as much carbon as 10,000 forests to the development of bricks and building materials stronger than concrete created from plastic waste in Kenya.

We’ve also seen an amazing advancement within the digital world, by creating more inventive ways to gain capital to help us along our journey in protecting the planet. #TeamSeas creates partnerships between creators and conservations and has seen more than £30 million raised in one campaign (and counting) to help clean and remove waste from our seas and coastal areas.

The consumer culture has been hard on the electric and hybrid vehicle industry but for the first time ever electric and hybrid vehicles outsold diesel vehicles in Europe. The availability of these vehicles is becoming greater and greater by the day offering not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly options but cheaper and accessible ones, especially with the price of solar electricity dropping by 89% in the previous 10 years. This increase in sales has ultimately led to one of the biggest improvements out of 2022 which is that wind and solar power growth are finally on track to meet climate targets.

Happy Earth Day

Written by

George Jones