ORCA’s evolution - Crafting a visual identity aligned with our purpose

ORCA looks different, but what does it all mean?

Over the past four years, the ORCA brand has not only thrived but has consistently expanded its reach, captivating new clients and resonating with everyone who encounters it. However, motivated by a desire for alignment with our refined brand purpose, this year we embarked on a journey to evolve our brand identity to truly reflect who we are.

Since obtaining our B Corp certification in March 2023, our commitment to creating the future we want has remained unwavering. Whether through our community initiatives or the impact we make on our clients, our goal is to be a positive force in the world. We aspire for every ORCA project to leave a lasting impression long after our involvement. 

Following a series of creative sessions in our studio, we arrived at our new visual identity concept—the 'ripple effect'. Serving as a visual narrative, it symbolises the impact of our work and the subsequent, ever-expanding positive influence on people, the planet, and our partners' businesses. Overall, it encapsulates the power of creativity, capable of generating waves of transformative change. 

How has this informed our updated visual identity?

I'll start by noting that we made a deliberate decision to retain our existing logo type. The rationale behind this stemmed from our commitment to a brand evolution rather than a rebrand. Our logo is a valuable asset that has built strong recognition over the years and continues to serve us well (the decision had nothing to do with the fact our logo is mounted to the wall in the studio or the money we have spent protecting our IP). 

The focal point of our brand development was incorporating the ripple effect into our photography and brand graphics. The team have crafted a suite of graphics that effectively communicate the concept of cause and effect. These will be used across our branded materials. Several examples of these graphics are showcased in our recent Impact Report.

You may notice that we have also used this project as an opportunity to update our brand typefaces and expand our colour palette. This new creative direction has provided us with the foundation to explore and experiment within a clear set of guidelines, enabling the ongoing development of fresh graphics and the evolution of our brand.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see lots more from the new ORCA brand as we continue to update all of our brand communications. Like all of our branding projects, the launch of the brand is just the beginning. We're eagerly anticipating the growth and development that will unfold! If you're interested in discussing your own brand and exploring how we can support you on your journey, reach out to us at hello@onlyorca.com.

Written by

Max Harding