B Corp Month Series - Why we go beyond

As part of B Corp Month 2023 we are sharing with our followers why and how our branding agency goes beyond as a business.

As in our mission statement, we transform brands with people, planet and purpose at the heart of our process. Each of these three things plays a vital role in what we do and why we decided to start the B Corp certification process.


We want our people to be happy and healthy. This includes our team and our clients alike. We continuously look out for our staff, be that in the studio with wellness questionnaires, through quarterly review meetings, continued learning support and policy changes based on the needs of everyone.

For clients, these are the people we want to surround ourselves with. So every time we start a new conversation we make sure that our values are aligned, this allows us to work together collaboratively and with a shared vision of where each project should lead to.


A big one. We want everything we do at ORCA to make as little impact on the world's resources as possible. We’ve changed some of our suppliers based on their ethos and impact, carbon offset our emissions for over two years and have become more mindful in the ways we produce work for our clients. For example the paper we use to print, the vehicles we use for travel, the websites we build and even our green hosting solutions.


Why we do what we do. We think about every little detail from who we work with and the impact they have on the world or their industry. To specific campaigns we showcase. We also help local charities through donations and volunteer days and provide pro-bono support to non-profits we believe in. This all combines into what we ultimately want to do as a business; create positive change.

Becoming a Certified B Corp has meant that we have been able to address every single part of the business and make positive changes internally as well as externally for our clients. We wholeheartedly encourage our clients and peers alike to take the first step in completing their B Impact Assessment to start the ball rolling in measuring, managing and improving their business as a whole

Why you should look at becoming a B Corp

Starting the B Corp process can seem daunting at first, but taking those first steps of looking at the B Impact Assessment puts into perspective where your business currently stands.  From here you can start to think about what else your business could be doing to do better for the world. Once certified you’ll then be part of an incredible community of other businesses who hold the same standards as you.

Written by

Vicki Lee