B Corp Month Series - Let’s all go beyond

In March every year, B Lab and the global B Corp community join together to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp, build awareness of the movement and educate diverse audiences on the importance of transforming our economic system for the better.

This month has allowed us to reflect on everything we’ve achieved throughout the B Corp certification process, and it’s been so rewarding and insightful. We’ve covered why we chose to embark on this process in the first place and also touched on some of the important changes we have made throughout. Now we want to inspire others to start their B Corp journey and explore some of the ways you can make a difference with your business.

By working together we can all make huge changes to the way we work and look after the world. Below our creative agency breaks down how collectively as businesses, we can take some meaningful steps to go beyond.

Work with other B Corps

By working with other B Corps you know that every effort is being put in to make their business better. They’ll have the best policies for their workers, they’ll be doing good for the world and will be committed to being better long term. ORCA have recently teamed up with fellow B Corp Lodestone on a new campaign launching soon. The campaign aims to encourage young people aged 18-34 to register to vote and use their voice in the upcoming general election.

Make Changes

The small changes you make to your business can make a huge difference. For example, you could sign up to Ecologi Zero where you can easily calculate your carbon footprint and make plans to achieve net zero. Listen to your employees' needs so you can create and implement fairer policies.

Keep Track

This is a big part of the B Corp submission process. Keep track of your suppliers and make sure your values align. Try to support local where you can and boost your local economy. A fantastic local B Corp who the ORCA team have been loving is Too Good To Go. Their aim is to fight food waste by rescuing unsold food for a fair price. Just sign up to the app and look for local companies who are selling their unsold food for that day to prevent it from going to waste.

Spread the Word

We firmly believe that becoming a B Corp is hugely beneficial for businesses. Have a look at the B Corp website to find out more about the movement and start implementing change!

Written by

Vicki Lee