B Corp Month at ORCA

March has been an eventful month at ORCA as we've delved deeper into our commitment to people, planet, and purpose. Here's a glimpse into our recent activities during B Corp Month.

Volunteering for Environmental Conservation

As a business we want to create positive change, so donating our time to local charities is really important to us. James, Emily, and Jaye dedicated a day to volunteer at Avon Needs Trees, joining forces with other B Corps to plant a remarkable 420 trees, setting a new record and making a tangible impact on the local environment. 

Welcoming New Team Members with Purpose

We recently welcomed two new team members, and we are proud to be onboarding them with the help of Klyk, a fellow B Corp committed to sustainable technology solutions. Through Klyk's mission to tackle e-waste and reduce carbon footprints, ORCA is excited to equip our team with refurbished hardware products, aligning with our dedication to purpose-driven partnerships and being as kind to the planet as possible.

Investing in Team Inspiration

At ORCA we think it’s important to nurture the team's creativity and personal development by allocating a budget for our team's well-being and growth beyond the workplace. This month, our Junior Designer Yo has started weekly studio time at Folk House to improve her ceramics skills. She’s currently working on an organic sculptural lamp base. She finds it a chilled out way to unwind from screen time after work.

Purpose-Driven Partnerships

This month we're thrilled to be working further on our partnership with Toast Brewing, a certified B Corp that brews craft beer from surplus bread. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to supporting purpose-driven brands dedicated to positive social and environmental impact. Cheers to a greener future!

Building Community Connections

Emily and Max from our team recently had the pleasure of joining fellow Bristol B Corps for an evening of dinner and drinks, celebrating B Corp Month together. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, sharing insights and fostering a spirit of community collaboration. Bristol B Corps are building stronger bonds and making waves of positive impact together!

For B Corp Month and beyond, ORCA is dedicated to moving forward with purposeful business practices that empower our team and care for the planet. Join us on our journey to create a world where every brand is a force for good!

Written by

Jaye Tayler