ORCA launches ‘Off the Clock’ event series

We needed a few days to adjust after what was a fantastic launch of our 'Off the Clock' event series. 'Be Better - Empowering brands through B Corp' was everything we hoped for. We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the attendees who came to show their support. From the positive feedback we’ve received so far, you all felt far more educated and inspired about making positive change and using business as a force for good. Obviously we want to give a huge shoutout to our incredible speakers.

Danny Walker from Psychopomp Microdistillery told us the ins and outs of how the business was set up, the sheer generosity and good-will of the distillery during the pandemic, and also the reasons why you should take the leap and start doing good things in your businesses.

Nick Dean and Sophie Creese spoke in detail about how becoming B Corp allowed them to launch MotherBoard and collaborate on HeyFlow. They spoke about the ups and downs of encouraging tech companies to understand their female workforce better through MotherBoard as well as the huge successes they’ve achieved for the women and companies themselves. As well as the fantastic work HeyFlow does in helping businesses to understand the impact of women’s reproductive health in the workplace.

Helena Hills from TrueStart Coffee talked about how she and her husband first set up the business. She covered the work they do with a small village in Colombia who supply the coffee and how they appreciate and listen to their customers' valuable feedback. Helena also spoke about how even as a coffee brand with air miles, packaging and other unavoidable products, that you can still be a mindful business and do more to protect the planet and help your communities.

Each talk was insightful, inspiring and helpful to anyone with or without a B Corp status. The speakers showed us that whether you’re helping in a few small ways, or making a big impact with your business, all that matters is that you care and are taking action.

We also invited a couple of charities to speak and tell our guests more about what they do and ways in which other businesses can support and get involved.

Melanie Vaxevanakis from The MAZI Project explained all about the ways they help vulnerable young people in the city to feel empowered through food. They’re also raising money for a van that will help them deliver even more meal kits throughout the city. Check out their page to see how you can help.

Emily Armstrong introduced Whale and Dolphin Conservation whose vision is a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. She spoke in detail about how they fight to stop cruelty, create safe seas, recognise whales’ rights and ultimately save the world. See their page to find out how you can start a partnership, fundraise or organise an urban beach clean.

As part of our event Ecologi also pledged to plant a tree for each attendee. Our attendee list reached 91, so Ecologi have now planted an extra 91 trees which you can now see in our virtual forest!

We also did an extra special piece of design work to mark the event and to raise money for the charities who spoke. We partnered with Really Good Beer Society to brew two delicious beers, one Session IPA and a Craft Lager. For each one we designed a bespoke beer label to represent each charity. One called Feel Good for The MAZI Project and another called High Tide for Whale and Dolphin Conservation. The beers tasted amazing and with your donations we raised a tidy amount which will be split between each charity.

Thank you to our friends at Pizza Bianchi for supplying us with some tasty tasty pizza too.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next event in a few months!

Written by

Vicki Lee