Moët & Chandon

Custom typographic artwork, crests, icons and token designs

Moët & Chandon required an elegant token designed for their Champagne giveaway during a brand exposure event run by ClinkClink. We have also had the opportunity to design Moët & Chandon a custom set of playful icons to accompany their set-up instruction manual for one of their Wimbledon Tennis Championship brand exposure events, again run by ClinkClink.

We have been honoured to get the chance to work with Moët & Chandon on a few occasions now, through a good client of ours, ClinkClink. After rebranding ClinkClink and working with them on a multitude of projects over the last year or so, we have gained their trust and we have learned how to work together very successfully. As a result, it has since been possible for ClinkClink to pass our services on to their clients. ClinkClink run brand exposure events for high-end clients such as H&M, Starbucks, John Lewis and Moët & Chandon.